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Corporate Photography  Corporate Photography

We no longer live in the information age but the attention age. You, along with other individuals, brands, blogs and breaking news, vie for people's attention all day long.

takethatphoto marries a strong understanding of Marketing and PR with pioneering Corporate and Events Photography techniques. We work with you to create and deliver the best solution for you and you alone. Every campaign is bespoke.

We believe that combining photography with marketing campaigns and promotional events offers a new and exciting angle that captures your customer's attention.

Clients such as Nike, Jaguar, Barclays Premier League, Ray Ban, Daily Mirror, Heat Magazine, Brit Awards, The Football Association, Wink Bingo and Cadbury's all agree, which is why they have engaged us time and time again.

Our "can do" approach to photography means that customers can have photographs taken and printed within seconds. Photographs, and even photo wallets, can be branded in your corporate logo to enhance brand awareness.

We offer two other powerful ways to maximise the marketing potential for clients.

Firstly, we can capture customer details with our web delivery system.

Secondly, our site allows customers to upload images directly to Facebook or Twitter. Embedded with your logo, this is a powerful viral marketing tool.

If this still doesn't convince you to try us, then check out our testimonial page.

When you are ready to take your next marketing campaign to a new level then call us to discuss your requirements.

Corporate Photography


What We Offer
Our Corporate Photographers are ideal for:

As with all takethatphoto products, your photographs can be taken, viewed and printed within seconds. Powerful opportunities for branding both photos and photo wallets are available.

To find out more about the options available to you for your corporate photography do not hesitate to call takethatphoto today!

Corporate Photography

Why We Are Unique

Satisfaction Guarantee Satisfaction Guarantee
Our satisfaction guarantee sets us far above the competition.
Testimonials Testimonials
Barclays, Nike & Jaguar would not come back to us if we were not going the extra mile.
Master Photographers Master Photographers
Our photographers are qualified members of the MPA.
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Corporate Photography

Who We Are

"I just wanted to thank you all once more for the tremendous help and support for Ray-Ban's ‘Never Hide' events. You truly were amazing, your dedication, professionalism, passion, willingness and skills made this bumpy ride an almost peaceful walk. Along with the client, everyone is thrilled, thank you again for helping us to achieve a remarkable campaign"
M. Maggio, Sartoria Comunicazione

"takethatphoto are an essential part of our launch plans. Their efficient and friendly service really adds value to each and every launch event."
Barclays Retail Network 

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