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We are proud to be MPA Photographers

The Master Photographer's Association is the UK's only organisation for full-time, qualified photographers, all of whom are bound by the association's Code of Conduct.

Our photographers are guaranteed to:

Strive continually to uphold the professional standard of their work and to improve the standard of practice in the profession as a whole.

Conduct them selves to uphold the reputation of the Association and with it the spirit and dignity of their profession.

Deal fairly, honestly and helpfully with their clients, employer, employees, suppliers and fellow members and when required to give professional opinion shall do so conscientiously and without malice.

A member shall exercise all reasonable skill, care and diligence in the discharge of their duties and, in so far as any of their duties are discretionary, shall act fairly and in good faith.

A member shall at all times and in all respects conduct their professional and business operations within the law.


Satisfaction Guarantee

At takethatphoto, we understand there are many photographers who promise you all kinds of things regarding your events.

So - who should you trust?

This is where the unique takethatphoto guarantee comes into its own.

At takethatphoto we guarantee that:

1. We will carry out duties in accordance with your specification. You will receive a pre-event consultation & written quotation to confirm your requirements.

2. We will be dressed appropriately for your function. Staff will attend your event in smart takethatphoto branded clothing to blend in with your client's needs.

3. We will be professional and courteous at all times. All our staff are members of the Master Photographers Association, fully CRB certified and comprehensively trained in delivering the takethatphoto experience.

4. Our relationship with you does not finish at the end of the night. We operate a comprehensive after sales policy including feedback questionnaires, thank you card and our unique follow-up package.

5. Your reputation is our business! We will act to protect it at all times. For peace of mind, we can provide a list of existing clients for you to contact.

6. We will provide you and your clients with the highest quality images at all times. Our images will be produced using state-of-the-art equipment and are guaranteed for a lifetime.

7. We will carry full public liability insurance and indemnify you from any liability in the case of accident, however caused, by any member of our staff or our equipment.

We further pledge that if we fail to meet our guarantees above on the night, we will refund any money paid or in the case of pay-on-the-night events, we will compensate you to the amount of £500


Prints on The Day

Our latest printers are among the quickest and smallest dye sublimation printers in the industry and incorporate newly developed image processing methods, making it possible to reproduce excellent true to life prints.


All photos are produced with a protective top cover laminate that ensures prints are more durable and robust than traditional chemically produced photos.


The laminate top cover protects photographs from the suns UV rays, it also makes the photo water resistant and less likely to fade over time.


As soon as the printer has produced the photo it will be completely touch dry and ready to be sold or presented to the customer.


Beautifully clear, full bleed to edge photographs are produced in a matter of seconds. Each photo will be cropped and cut to size and printed from 6 seconds per print.


PAT Testing

Whilst PAT testing is not strictly compulsory, it is generally regarded as being the best way of meeting the electrical regulations that exist to protect employees, and customers. 

Without it we could be in a very difficult situation if an electrical accident were to occur.

All our portable electrical equipment is susceptible to damaged during use. This damage could render the equipment dangerous to the user and customer without a regular programme of testing and inspection, Tests and inspections are made at reasonable and regular intervals, Failure to comply with the Electrical Regulations may constitute a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 which carries a maximum penalty on summary conviction of a £5,000 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment.

This is why we PAT Test all of our equipment at regular intervals to protect us as well as you.