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UKCA National Schools Championships at Manchester Velodrome, looking forward to seeing you

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University Of Warwick Sports Ball, see you there.

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University Of Warwick Graduation/Summer Ball, see you there.

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Loughborough University Summer Ball, we are sure you are going to have a great time! see you then.

Putting you in the picture about us!

We place the sharpest focus on customer service and our creative photo-experts employ the very latest digital technology, including wireless capture techniques and rapid printers capable of out-putting thousands of prints at the touch of a button!

We just know how to make events click.

Facts & Figures



 Brit Awards

 • 8 Photographers
 • 16 support staff
 • Over 3500 prints

about_2.jpeg Ray Ban (Never Hide)

 • 12 Countries at once
 • 1000's of photographs
 • Iconic Landmark


about_3.jpeg Nike (Here I Am)

 • 10 events nationwide
 • 500 customers
 • 500 prints in 1 hour


about_4.jpeg Heat Magazine

 • Green Screen technology
 • 120 customers
 • Prints within 1 minute

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